Agenda for Thursday, May 28, 2015

  1. Discuss plans for next year. (This will be track 1’s last meeting in their current grade.) The club will continue, and we are hoping to grow as a group and become more fluent next year as an RMS club.
  2. Show the post regarding the Writing Prompt Jars.
  3. Every student writes the first line of a story, then passes the paper to the student on his/her left. For five minutes, each student continues working on the story that he/she has received, then passes it to the left again when the time is up.
  4. Group critiques can discourage writers; a criticism-free sharing session is an excellent alternative. Students read their writing out loud to the class, which is instructed NOT to respond with criticism. Instead, the class is asked afterward to name some of the most memorable or interesting parts of the piece that was shared. The students who have shared their work feel “listened to” and motivated and get some feedback on which aspects of their writing have impact. For this students can use a story they have previously written, thoughts on a story they might write in the future, etc. Students be sure to give their full attention to the person speaking. We all know how scary it can be to share our writing with our peers.

We will see you all again after track out!


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